We are Caring Companions

Our Services



1. Do I require Personal Care Services?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, it may be time to consider the services of our compassionate and dedicated caregivers. Call today for a free consultation:

Do you need assistance getting out of bed/a chair?

Do you need assistance in, to, and from the bathroom?

Do you require reminders to take your medications?

Do you need assistance with dressing, grooming, and personal hygiene?

Do you need assistance to walk or move around?

Do you have difficulty with meal preparation or need assistance to eat?

Do you talk less or participate less in conversations and social activities?

Has your ability to do things for yourself been impaired temporarily/ permanently as a result of injury/surgery?

Are you unable to run errands and do grocery shopping alone?

Do you have persistent medical problems that have left you unable to take adequate care of yourself?

Is there stress and strain on you or your loved ones to assist you?

2. How Can I Pay For Services?

Most people who qualify for Medicaid may be eligible for services if such services are approved by a state designated assessor/representative.

We accept Medicaid and Private Pay, Private Insurance, VA.

3. Safety of Clients

Our Caregivers undergo an exhaustive selection/screening process: interview, reference checks, criminal background check which includes fingerprint check.

Our caregivers are bonded and are periodically evaluated to determine the kind of relationship and level of harmony that exists between the client and caregiver.

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